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C3VR - Code Red VR is a software package designed specifically to simulate real-world driving conditions around the approach and the travel through intersections while driving safely in emergency vehicles.

Working with a full motion simulator, haptics and a VR headset, we have developed a heightened sense of 'presence' or 'really being there' which increases the fidelity of the experience for the driver and the value of the tool to the training facility.

The system

The project was initiated and supported with EVOC accredited driving instructors and local Police Services units who highlighted the need for a more sophisticated 'decision making trainer' than what was available on a standard track.

C3VR allows drivers to approach intersections at a standard speed or to approach with lights/sirens and to safely navigate intersections accordingly. We are currently developing a patented approach to customized cabin rigging allowing for a unique fast-swap approach to building custom cockpits.

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