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MLB Home Run Derby VR

In partnership with Major League Baseball, MLB Home Run Derby VR is a standing VR unit which lets you crack homeruns from your or any of your favorite ballpark. Utilizing a proprietary custom VR slugger, haptic bat allows players to feel and hear the thrill of contact. This attendant-less experience is a unique and stunning attraction distributed in North America by our partners, Creative Works.

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The game

Experience The Thrill!

IT’S OUTTA HERE! Get ready for some competitive home run fun! Feel the power & acceleration of your swings with motion-based controls and compete against others in a timed competition, all in a quest to become the Home Run Derby giant! Choose between righty/lefty and multiple difficulty settings.

Play In All 30 Major League Ballparks!

Engage in an electrifying experience as you compete in our immersive 3D environments and virtual pitcher.

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