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Custom crafting

Location Based Entertainment

The core of our company is focused on bringing cutting-edge gaming experiences to location-based entertainment venues. We work with VR systems, custom enclosures, custom control devices and top-tier brands to bring eye popping arcade units to consumers.

3D Interactive gaming

We come from a long linage of game development, having spent years honing our ability to define and deliver unique and compelling gaming solutions. Our experience extends from mobile, Nintendo, PlayStation, PC and even board games.

Fantasy Sports

D&D Skunkworks has always had a secret fascination with the nexus of artificial intelligence and predictive gambling. 

We have been avidly exploring and developing the frontiers of AI software to redefine the gaming landscape of Fantasy Sports.

VR Training and simulation

Leveraging the leading-edge of virtual reality technology, motion platforms, haptic technologies, hand tracking solutions and real-time graphics, we are experts in delivering custom training and experiential VR solutions.

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